Service purposes

Service tenet
Company vision
Become the model of the area of the qr scanner in China business.
The industry's model must be a social attribute,which is bold in undertaking responsibility of corporate,industry,social,and can creat value for the benificial both parties,and openging space for the whole industries's development and leading the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industries through continuous innovation 

Company alues

People-oriented:Enterprises respect employees and pay attention to the interests of them, to help employees grow while acquiring their own success.

Cooperation and win-win :In the process of acquiring or providing products, the company achieves win-win cooperation by cooperating with the interested parties .

Pursuit of excellence: Enterprises continuously strive for self perfection, achieve excellence and sustained development through innovation in products and services.

Service society: It represents the fundamental desire of enterprises to actively undertake social responsibilities and repay society.