Suzhou Dewo Intelligent system Co., Ltd

Company creation

Dewo, founded by many doctors in the United States, is located in Kunshan International Student Start-up Park, a leading enterprise supported by Kunshan City. Since its establishment, it has been committed to development and manufacturing of automatic identification of product.It is one of the innovative leaders in the field of automatic recognition and machine vision.

Sales corner standard production line
Product overview

The high speed two-dimensional code scanner, launched by dewo,breaks the monopoly of foreign brands to this field and realizes the recognition of high-speed flow two-dimensional code on the pipeline. It has been applied to the assembly line integration of many pharmaceutical manufacturers. The first DPM two-dimensional code scanning gun in China has realized the recognition of laser etching two dimensional code, filling the gap in the filed of superior difficulty barcode recognition at home,such as vehicle and mobile components. The two-dimensional code scanning module, which has been widely used in medical equipment and the integration of automatic extraction equipment through its personalized customization and high cost performance.

Mobile phone screen two-dimensional code scanning gun lanuched by dewo, which has high first recognition rate and strong anti-interference ability, is suitable for various types, different luminance mobile phone two-dimensional code recognition, after thirty million limit decoding tests. It has been applied to all kinds of the business super payment scene, and dewo becomes the "most sensitive and durable" two-dimensional code scanning gun pronoun in the industry.


DeVo's intelligent lock system, camera, industrial control computer, scanner and assembly wire products are widely used in all kinds of integrated manufacturers by virtue of their stable and reliable performance.

Dewo Vision

Dewo's mission is to "popularize high-end technology" and Dewo's vision is to "become the core power to build interconnectedness of everything", achieve customers, achieve extraordinary achievements, and apply digital products with perfect balance of performance and price to every corner of the world.

Dewo strength

Dewo has won 1 million Kunshan leading talents, 200 thousand of Kunshan's innovative funds and 2 million of the leading talent of the Suzhou successively, and the project of "national thousand people" has been auditing, obtain Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises, two high-tech products, 5 international invention patents, 8 Chinese utility model patents, and signing the agreement on the cooperation of production, learning and research with the large number academy of Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Fudan University. 

Dewo sales

At present, it has signed a direct contract with Jubao Network (and has already supplied $3 million in refunds and Alipay and has become a secondary product supplier of Shunfeng, Haier, Postal, Santai, Tide and UnionPay. Its sales volume reached 3 million yuan in 2015 and reached 6 million in the first half of 2016. In the second half of the year, more than 20 million yuan of orders have been signed.