self-service vending machine

Unattended containers are a new form of commercial retail, also known as a 24-hour micro-supermarket. The sale of unattended containers is very extensive and is a major method of retailing goods in developed countries. In recent years, unattended containers have gradually been accepted by more and more consumers, due to the scattered distribution and wide range of vending machines. The unattended container brings convenience to consumers, but also brings great inconvenience to the operators in monitoring, management and maintenance.

The design of the unattended container system enables the operators who use the vending machine to predict the sales trend of the products according to the sales analysis of the network design, and determine the reasonable procurement and distribution strategies so as to obtain the highest return on investment. At the same time, some fault information and alarm information of the unattended container can be implemented and transmitted to the corresponding operator, so that the problem can be found and solved in the first time.

Customers can scan the QR code through Alipay to purchase products. Cashless payment, the operation is very simple, and brings great convenience to consumers.

First, the main features of unattended containers

1. Unattended container specifications are currently divided into 15 grids;
2. The grid size specifications can be customized according to different product packaging sizes;
3. Cargo replenishment/shipping operations via Bluetooth;
4. Support mobile phone scan code payment;

二、Second, the parameters of unattended containers

1. Dimensions: Length: 555mm Width: 570mm Thickness 118mm Window is 79*48mm;
2. Weight: 12.76KG;
3. Power supply: AC220V;
4. Power: spring cabinet <=25W;

self-service vending machine