DW-060106-32 vending machine


● Narrow frame large-area glass window, LED lighting, luxury and high-end, intuitive display. The machine is reserved for expansion and can be combined into a super-capacity vending machine at any time.
● Standard 32-inch LED touch screen display, support Android system, with a strong human-computer interaction interface, can use the custom picture, animation, video and other multimedia forms to dynamically provide humanized interactive operation; can be through WIFI, 3G or 4G and other networks implement remote real-time control to update and publish multimedia files. Secondary development is available.

● It adopts standard RS485, RS232 and CAN port communication, which can communicate perfectly with the host computer.
● Support online payment functions such as Alipay and WeChat to make purchase more convenient.
● It can sell a variety of small foods and canned, bottled, boxed, bagged and other beverages that can be refrigerated. The products have a wide range of applications and high economic returns.
● The microcomputer control system has management functions such as intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, and fault self-diagnosis. Support wireless cloud background management system, WeChat view background data.
● The refrigeration system uses R134a refrigerant, which meets the international green environmental protection requirements. The refrigerating temperature can be set by yourself. The famous brand Embraco compressor adopts the overall blister foam structure, which has better heat insulation effect and greatly saves electricity.
● Standard optical shipment detection system.
● Leakage protection function.
● Body material: All steel structure, sturdy and durable.
● Explosion-proof and dust-proof.


Standard interface: RS485/RS232/CAN port communication
Size: single cabinet height: 1890mm, width: 1420mm, thickness: 790mm
Weight: 380kg

Type: up to 60 types of single cabinet
Capacity: 240~600 single cabinets
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Temperature: 4 ° C - 25 ° C (adjustable)
Power: normal temperature: 150W; cooling working power: 650W

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