DW Refrigeration spring machine

DW refrigeration spring machine 

● Adopt international MDB standard design, comply with international DEX standards, and support various international standard peripherals.
● Support WeChat, Alipay payment, multi-code integration.
● Large-area glass window display, touch button selection, product display is intuitive, easy to use.
● The body is small and compact, and the product capacity is enlarged. It can also sell a variety of small foods and canned beverages such as canned, bottled, and packed bags. The products have a wide range of applications and high economic returns.
● The whole machine is foamed and cooled, 360° environmentally friendly, high-efficiency lock-cooling, R134a refrigerant, in line with the national green environmental protection requirements, the refrigerating temperature can be set by itself.

● It has power-down protection function and memory storage function to ensure safe operation of the machine.
● Standard infrared photoelectric shipment detection system, accurate shipment, accuracy rate of up to 100%.
● The microcomputer control system has management functions such as intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, and fault self-diagnosis.
● The powerful cloud service management platform can query the sales information and operation status of each vending machine through the network anytime and anywhere.

Dimensions: 1940mmX570mmX790mm
Cargo distribution: standard configuration: 6 6 cargo lanes (can be customized)
Capacity: 180 bottles/can of pure drinks Snacks: 180-500 (by package size)
Refrigeration temperature: 4 ° C -25 ° C (adjustable)
Rated voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Net weight: 140kg (machine weight)
DW Refrigeration spring machine